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    Soul-Scape's Offical Rules


    Soul-Scape's Offical Rules Empty Soul-Scape's Offical Rules

    Post by Guest on Fri Jun 05, 2015 11:25 pm

    No Staff Disrespect - 24 hour mute
    No Spamming - 24 hour Mute
    No Flaming/Flame-Baiting - 24 hour Mute
    No Autoclicking - 24 hour Jail
    No Bug Abusing - 24 hour Ban
    No Scamming - 48 hour Ban (2nd time caught IP-Banned)
    No Duping - IP-Banned
    No Advertising - IP-Banned
    No DDosing - IP-Banned
    No RWT (Real World Trading) - Ip-Banned
    No selling/gambling of accounts - Permanent ban on the user account

    Thank you,
    Soul-Scape Staff Team

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